2When booking a marquee, if you’re not sure what exactly you require, please let us know how many people you need the marquee for, whether it’s for standing or seated dining, and we will help you as to what size marquee you may need.
We can erect marquees to suit your needs, with respect to their placement, i.e. up against a shed or pergola. Should you require more than one marquee we can place them in any configuration you may require so as to get the best possible use out of them.

Marquees are supplied with a roof and three sides. Should you require extra walls, a surcharge, per wall, applies. Extra costs are charged should you require clear walls. The height of the marquee at the sides is 2.1M, increasing to 3.5M to 4M at the peak of the roof. If you have any trees or over hanging branches where the marquee is to go, they need to be pruned to allow the marquee to fit. We need an extra metre around each marquee so that we can erect it safely. The area where the marquee is to go, as well as access to the site, needs to be clear of any obstacles or clutter. Delays to our staff will incur extra charges.

If we cannot put pegs into the ground to secure the marquee, weights are used, at a cost of $10 per weight. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CANCEL MARQUEES IF EXTREME WEATHER CONDITIONS ARE FORECAST. This would only happen if a marquee is to be weighted in an exposed area with extreme winds forecast.


Please Note
Any crepe paper product such as streamers, party poppers or confetti, are not permitted in the marquee as they stain the material once they get wet. Once stained, the marquee material cannot be cleaned and must be replaced, with this cost being borne by the hirer. It’s not only rain that causes the marquee to get wet, but condensation as well.

Also, open fires and cooking of BBQ’s are not permitted in, or near, the marquee, as the smell of the smoke is absorbed by the marquee material. 

Marquee Marquee Marquee
6m x 18m with
3.8m x 5.6m attached
7.6 x 15.2m 6.1m x 12.2m rear view
Marquee Marquee Marquee
3.8m x 5.6m 6.1m x12.2m front view 6.1m x 6.1m
  marquee 3m x 3m
2 @ 7.6m x 15.2m marquees with a 6.1m x 6.1m attached Setting up inside marquees Marquee 3m x 3m pop-up
Marquee 3m x 4.5m pop-up Pavilion 10m x 9m Enclosed Pavilion 10m x 9m Open Sided
Inside Pavilion 10m x 15m Pavilion 10m x 15m Pavilion 10m x 18m
Pavilion 10m x 18m Fully Lined Pavilion  Different View
Pavilion Bud Lighting  Wedding Bud Lighting  Wedding Bud Lighting 2